Lake Eola Park – Broke in Orlando

Playground Address

100 N Eola Drive
Orlando, FL 32801

Lake Eola Has Some Interesting Features

Some of us are just broke, some of us are tight and don’t like to spend money. Either way, if you are in Orlando, you don’t have to theme park everyday. You can bring the family for a walk around Lake Eola. Only a block from the banking buildings (ginormous reflecty bois) is lake Eola. Your odds of stumbling across a meth addict are higher here, but during the day it’s no problem, they are all asleep on the grass.

Bring quarters (and hand sanitizer), because you can buy food to feed the giant geese and other fowl. It’s fun, kids get a wicked kick out of it. Mine weren’t brave enough to feed the swans by hand, but I did.

  • So kids entertained – check
  • Tweakers – check
  • Playground – check
  • Parking – difficult

Required Equipment

This place also has the best playground around, especially if your kids are varying ages. So for ages 1-14 this lots of fun. There’s a spinning wheel obstacle that the kids went nuts over. Check out the photo.

Other highlights of the playground are the climbing obstacles for bigger kids, toddler swings, the fact that the entire playground is surrounded by fence helps to contain the kiddos as well. Bring a lunch too, because in the fenced in area are multiple tables with benches. Seriously sweet.

But the highlight of the playground? Shade. Check it out in the photos, there’s trees, AND canopies in place to cover the entire area. Couple that with a water fountain in the fenced area and a bathroom nearby and you just bought an afternoon for your family.

ERMEHGERD Shade! Why don’t any playgrounds in Bangor have these

Don’t forget the quarters!