Reedy Creek Bog Walk – Broke in Orlando

It’s wider than the Orono Bog Walk, I like that, because the double stroller fits easily

Osceola County Environmental

4300 S Poinciana Blvd,
Kissimmee, FL 34758

Required Equipment

I’m sure you budget better than I do. But let’s just say your in Orlando, and you may or may not have bought one too many butter bears, and pulled the candy lever in Honey Dukes just a little bit harder than your wife thought you should. Maybe before your vacation is over you’ve depleted the vast majority of your funds. I’m sure that never happened to anyone in this town. In case it does, or in case you are just looking for something free in a place where the the dollar reigns supreme, this is a decent find. The one key thing to know is that the Reedy Creek Bog Walk is only available to the public Saturdays & Sundays . Which is perfectly fine, because you want to stay as far away from the parks as you can on the weekends. Even in the off season Disney Springs is obnoxiously busy on the weekends.

Reedy Creek Bog Walk is only available to the public Saturdays & Sundays

So the actual name of this place is weird, “Osceola County Environmental”, but it’s like the Orono Bog Walk in a lot of ways. Therefore I renamed it to the Reedy Creek Bog Walk. It’s shorter, but there’s a lot more to see in the way of wildlife, your also likely to drive by the entrance just like the Bangor Woods. Their is also a bathroom inside the Information Center, which is nice, and as you can see from our photo’s, a double stroller fits very well.

Notice the Citi Mini Double Stroller

Maybe your wife is concerned that it’s dangerous, because there are venomous snakes and alligators in the Florida wild. But if you flip through the photos you can see this bog walk sits about 3 feet above the water, and has sides. So it’s really out of the way of any wild life. It’s used Monday through Friday for the local schools, there’s even a classroom in one of the buildings in the parking lot.

Information Center has a nice display of animals you might see

Anyway you can totally get away without spending any money. Tell your wife or husband you have a great nature walk and picnic idea in mind, you researched a place that’s great for small kids and big kids, and you’ll have a safe chance at seeing animals. It’s a 15 mile drive from the heart of Disney.

There’s Picnic Tables, and Trash Panda’s.

On our trip we didn’t see any alligators, which was a disappointment, but we saw plenty of Cooters (local name for turtles), a Brown Water Snake, Racoon, lizards that changed colors and many other creatures that crawled and flew. Overall it was a great day at the Reedy Creek Bog Walk. Walk slow, because it’s short, and bring a lunch.

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