Parking at Disney Springs Tips

Make Your Trip As Smooth As Possible And Follow These Tips

I’m here to save you hassle while traveling, so here’s a practical quick tip for visiting Disney Springs. Whenever traveling I tend to do the same things after I discover them, which adds to a sense of familiarity, this is even helpful when parking in large lots and garages.

I agree it’s not exciting, but it is necessary.

Lime, Orange and Pineapple

The new parking garages are a great addition to Disney Springs, but they add a little more complexity into actually getting into Springs. You can no longer enter Disney Springs from the ground level. So if you park in the Garages and you park on floor one, you’ll have to take an elevator/escalator up, and then an elevator/escalator down to enter Springs.

That’s one too many. To avoid this, my biggest parking tip is to park on Level 2 of the Garages. This way you only need to take one elevator. I say elevator because if you have kids you are most likely bringing a stroller. Strollers with kids in them are generally frowned upon on the escalators. I’m not saying I tried, but I know security starts yelling loudly if they see this happening.

When entering the Garages Green and Red lights can be found above every single parking space, this indicates that the parking space is free, saving you from driving up and down each isle. I know that’s the intention, but statistics say that someone in one of the isles is going to be leaving by the time you drive down 3 or 4 isles. Don’t really believe lot full or the red lights on top of each space, drive down the isles like the Disney rebels you are.


  1. Park on Level 2 of All The Garages
  2. Look at the ceiling above all parking spots for a green light, this indicates there is an empty space
  3. Each isle has an indicator on the ceiling displaying how many free parking spots there are
  4. Don’t believe the Lot Full Sign
  5. When exiting the garage, pay attention, most of the traffic will tend to use the right lane, but if you are not staying on property, you’ll want to use the left lane, this will help you avoid making a U-Turn