Maine Whoopie Pie Festival – Music, Kids Activities, Food Trucks and Terror?

  • Annual Event One Saturday Every June 10 AM – 4 PM
  • $5/Person, Kids Under 12 Free
  • 85 East Main Street
    Dover-FoxCroft, Maine 04426

Evil has a new face, it’s this Whoopie Pie costume. It’s been around as many years as I’ve gone to the Whoopie Pie Festival, never washed or dusted, with years of brown fingertip stains lining it’s creepy fabric cream eyes from all the grubby handed kids that don’t know any better. It’s hollow eyes with no eyelids never allow it’s gaze to be broken, it is ever watchful of the children. What’s its name you ask? Its name is Woe, Woe the Whoopie, as in one of the Woes God sends upon the earth in the end times.

Whoopie Pie Festival Dover-Foxcroft Maine The Queen's Taste

There’s a Whoopie Pie eating contest, rumors are the winner ate 8, that digestive payment is not worth the prize.

Other than Woe this festival is amazing. It’s definitely put Dover Foxcroft on the map. There’s lots to do at the annual event, kids and adults can enjoy the day with music, bounce houses, horse rides, fair food vendors and a smorgasbord of Whoopie Pies.

Whoopie Pie Festival Dover-Foxcroft Maine Down Town

The festival charges an entry fee which includes some tokens good for Whoopie Pie samples. More tokens can be purchased for a reasonable price, I usually make sure we get about 6 each. You then walk down to the main area and trade one token for about 1/4 of a Whoopie Pie depending on the vendor. There’s about 15 to 20 bakers big (shout out to my favorite Labree’s Bakery) and small so use your tokens wisely.

Whoopie Pie Festival Dover-Foxcroft Maine Trampoline

The tokens don’t count as votes, you actually have to text your vote in for your favorite Whoopie Pie. I know what you are thinking. There’s only one style, chocolate cake and vanilla frosting. Well you couldn’t be more right. That’s the quintessential Whoopie Pie, but this is a festival and there are other flavors you might not be aware of. I categorize Whoopie Pie flavors three ways: Classic, Expanded and Specialty.

  • Classic
    • Chocolate Cake with Vanilla/Peanut Butter/Chocolate Frosting
  • Expanded
    • Pumpkin Chocolate Chip with Vanilla Frosting (My Wife’s Favorite)
    • Vanilla Cake with Chocolate/Vanilla/Peanut Butter
    • Cream Cheese Frosting
  • Specialty
    • Festival Winners like Thin Mint to more extreme departures like Key Lime

Aside from crowning a definitive champion, there’s other reasons to visit. You can purchase full sized Whoopie’s, eat at the Fire Station barbecue, grab a fried dough for lunch. There’s a Whoopie Pie eating contest, rumors are the winner ate 8, that digestive payment is not worth the prize.

The idea of celebrating the Whoopie Pie as Maine’s official state treat came about from legislation that was past from a man I used to work with, Amos Orcutt of the Maine Whoopie Pie Association (Seriously). Amos firmly believed that the Whoopie Pie originated from Maine. He took that belief to the legislature where he attempted to get the Whoopie Pie acknowledged as the Maine state desert. Ultimately his dream was defeated when the Blueberry Pie narrowly won. (This is the kind of stuff we pay our government for here in Maine) With that defeat, he didn’t sit on his laurels, instead they got a new category called the State Treat, and the Whoopie Pie handily won the title as Maine’s official state Treat.

A day of Whoopie Pies, Johnny Cash, Bounce houses and Fried Dough. Sounds like my kind of festival.