Ellsworth Rail Trail – Things to Do In Ellsworth With Kids

Looking for something free to do with the kids in Ellsworth on your way to Acadia National Park? There’s a great feature in the heart of down town Ellsworth that won’t require you to veer off course on your way Down East. It’s called the Rail Trail, and it’s a great new addition to the town. Feel free to bring bikes, skateboards, scooters, dogs, or hover boards. I make my kids bring scooters, then I ride it when they get tired. That’s a sight to see; my kids scooter crying out in desperation hoping the fat man steps off of it. If you listen close, you can hear it screaming, “Keto!”.

Ellsworth Rail Trail

The entire trail is about 1.25 miles long and paved nicely, perfect for an easy family bike ride. I’ve never walked the entire length with the kids because their abundance of energy usually quits about 15 minutes in, even though their energy banks are endless except when I want to go for a walk. That aside, the highlight of the trail is between Ellsworth High School and Tradewind’s. In this section of the trail is the thickest woods, lots of Lupens in early to mid summer, and a small pond the kids can entertain themselves at by viewing the ducks, catching frogs, or chasing down dragon flies.

Ellsworth Rail Trail Pond

The best parking location for the trail is at the new entrance to the High School across from Dunkin’ Donuts. I’ve highlighted the road and parking lot that’s available for use for the trail In the map below. Keep in mind I’m not sure if during the school day if you are going to get a hard time, but on the weekends and in the summer your good. Oh, and why is it called the “Rail” Trail? Well it follows the the Downeast Scenic Railroad, which is a whole other activity that could be a good thing to do, I’m cheap though, so the kids get to see the same sights from the other side of the tracks.

Ellsworth Rail Trail High School