Two Cats – Where to Eat – Bar Harbor for Locals

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Two Cats
130 Cottage St
Bar Harbor, ME 04609

(207) 288-2808

It’s hardly a secret that I have mixed emotions about Bar Harbor, I feel like it’s turning into the worst kind of tourist trap; Where local islanders who built the town are being replaced with property development committees that determine how they can make giant rectangles look like Old Bar Harbor architecture.

I usually order the fruit and add on an additional side of bacon… and biscuits, and size 40 pants.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for corporations and capitalizing any way you can. It’s just as time is passing by, the reasons we fell in love with Bar Harbor are getting replaced by construction decisions made by land acquisition departments in Massachusetts. Don’t worry too much, there is still some genuine Bar Harbor here. The true Down East gems are hidden behind “Made in China” pine needle pillows. There’s at least three restaurants that will make you realize you love this place no matter how many fake button up bottom flannel pajamas you see. Let’s start with the best breakfast location.

Bar Harbor Two Cats Restaurant

Two Cats reigns as our favorite breakfast & brunch in Bar Harbor, it passes the all year round test. For those of you not from Maine, 7 months out of the year Bar Harbors’ shops are closed and only natives live there, bringing the population down so far that you could know everyone on the island. Consequently, in order to keep your store or restaurant open all year in Bar Harbor, it has to be good. Two Cats is.

Two Cats is known for its Home Made Biscuits with Strawberry Butter. In fact, its one of the most unique dishes Bar Harbor has. If you can get them right out of the oven, you are going to shatter your foundational beliefs that the dirty south holds claim to the best biscuits.

For main dishes, the Lobster Eggs Benedict is wicked popular, but I’m partial to the egg sandwich on a bagel (Scrambled egg & cheese omelet and Canadian bacon). Ordering your breakfast with a side of fresh fruit is a good idea, it’s a bit lighter than stacking home fries with it. Though you might not want to skip out on the home fries because they are uniquely good due to a special spicy recipe. Also worth mentioning for a side, the bacon is cooked in apple cider, which is awesome. I usually order the fruit and add on an additional side of bacon… and biscuits, and size 40 pants.

That’s not it either, they have a multitude of pancake options. Some made Elvis Presley style with banana (wrong) , and some with macadamia nuts and white chocolate. Be prepared though, the pancake specials are decadent (read a bit too much for an entire meal).

If you opt to skip on the pancakes, then they have a unique desert called Cat Paws. It’s essentially monkey bread in a muffin pan. If you did eat the pancakes, and biscuits, then your probably a fat fatty like me, so order the cat paws anyway, what does it matter now. OK, so we got breakfast done, there’s other places to eat, but Two Cats is the best your going to find here.

Bar Harbor Two Cats Restaurant
Even the Staircase Has Old Bar harbor Architecture Swank
Bar Harbor Two Cats Restaurant Biscuits and Strawberry Butter